• What is the board's email address?
    the email of hoa@hamiltongrove.net goes to all three board members and our management company.
  • When is the Pool Open?
    The pool is open from May 1st through September 30th. These dates are set both by the average weather as well as the cost to operate the pool while it is open. By code, the pool is cleaned daily by a pool company while it is available to our neighborhood.
    During the open season, the pool hours are 6 AM to 10 PM.
  • What can the HOA do about animals in our neighborhood?
    Aligators - These animals are to be expected as humans push into their habitat. In general, the HOA will not remove them unless they become too large and show signs that they are aggressive. Please DO NOT feed or harass these animals.
    Termites - If a tree on HOA land is dead please contact hoa@himiltongrove.net to schedule it's removal.
    Deer, Hogs, Buzzards, Snakes (oh my!) - For time to time we've gotten notes about these animals in our Grand Oaks neighborhoods. Please contact South Carolina Department of Natural Resources to understand what, if anything, can be done. 
  • What is the speed limit of our neighborhood?
    It is 25 miles per hour on ALL streets.
  • Where can I find a copy of the budget?
    The current budget along with previous years expenses are located under documents. Additional financial information can be under the committees section and choose finance.
  • Do I need to permission to build a fence?
    Yes all fences have to approved by the ARB. The directions can be found under Documents
  • Does anyone use this website?
    On a busy month we average 12,000 hits and 400 unique visters on the website. The website is run by the HOA.
  • If I register with site is my contact information public?
    Your contact information is not public, but can be shared with your neighbors if you choose so. The board would like your email address so that we can email information and reduce postal expenses. Currently the website has approximently 87% of our owners registered.
  • Is there a place I can post something that everyone can comment on?
    Yes please use the message board.